The Best Vitamins to Take When Fasting


Whenever I hear someone who fasts say that they don't take vitamins or didn't know they should, I'm always shocked. Vitamins are literally the only way to safely fast. You absolutely must replenish the nutrients and vitamins your body is not getting from food anymore due to your fast.

How often have you heard about someone who's fasting having bad breath, a horrible acne breakout, hair falling out, nails breaking, or worse - bone damage, fainting and a host of other issues due to not eating? I can't stress enough how critical it is to take vitamins when you're fasting. Not only will it keep you healthy and safe, it can also reduce your appetite, boost your weight-loss and help you extend your fast.

I know that not everyone can afford to shop for things. Vitamins can be expensive. But there is a way to get vitamins for an extremely cheap price - if you know where to look. Below is my guide on all the vitamins you must-have for a successful, safe fast and where to find them for pennies on the dollar.

Where to Buy Cheap Vitamins

Women's One a Day — $7.94

To replace important nutrients you'd usually get from food. Also gives energy.

Purchased Here

Vitamin E — $5.99

For healthy skin, hair and nails. Keeps you from looking like death when fasting, breaking out in acne, and having dry, brittle hair and nails.

Purchased Here

Biotin — $5.46

Keeps your hair and nails long, thick and luscious. No one will know you're fasting. Also super boosts your metabolism so you break down more calories and fat and lose weight faster. I like the sweet ones because they dissolve in your mouth and taste good. Like the rest of these vitamins, they're also calorie-free. :)

Purchased Here

Vitamin B12 — $4.95

For energy and alertness.

Purchased Here

Calcium — $7.97

Nourishes your bones and teeth. This is extremely important when fasting. You need to keep your bones and teeth healthy to avoid breaks or bone density loss.

Purchase Here

Total Cost: $32.31 USD

A small price to pay for a healthy, successful fast. :)

This may seem like a lot of vitamins, but I swear by this vitamin regimen. People often ask me how am I able to fast for so long, and this is how. When I use my vitamins, I take one of each every day. My nails and hair grow longer than ever before, I lose a lot of weight in short periods of time, my breath smells great, my skin glows and looks radiant, I have tons of energy, and I have the peace of mind knowing I'm not killing myself because my body is still getting everything it needs without eating a single piece of food.

I purchase all of my vitamins from Amazon. It's cheaper than going to the store, and I get them shipped free overnight or in 2 days with Amazon Prime. If you don't have Prime, you can get 1 month of Amazon Prime for free here. A month is pretty much all you need if you're fasting for a few days or an entire month like me.


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