Escape: The Sims 4 is Free for a Limited Time


To the delight of Sims lovers everywhere, Origin just announced that they are giving away an unlimited amount of copies of The Sims 4 for free.

Making the announcement this morning, Origin didn't say how long The Sims 4 would be free. They did make it clear, however, that your license for the game is yours forever — even after the promotion ends.

It's not the first time Origin has given away a copy of the Sims for free. They've done it with all editions of the game. The game developer's biggest giveaway was it's giveaway of Sims 2 + all expansion packs right before the release of Sims 3. Could this be a sign that Sims 5 is on the way?

Download The Sims 4 Free

Anyway, why's and what for's for this surprise freebie are irrelevant. If you love the Sims 4 as much as I do, go grab a copy before it's too late.


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