I only eat once a day, and it's a salad.

Those were the words that kicked my anorexia into overdrive. No more cookies for me.

I'd read them in a kik group chat. Everyone was discussing their eating habits and diets, and a random who at the time weighed 107 lbs let us all know how she got so thin. Suddenly, the steak I'd just eaten was a lot less tasty. I thought of how I had been 'dieting' for months barely losing any weight. I should just eat once a day and only eat salad, too, I thought. And so I did.

The first day of my new diet, I only ate salad. I weighed myself the next day (you know for us anamias, that's a daily ritual) and hadn't lost a thing. A little less cheese next time. More vinegar, more water, and more exercise after, I thought. The next day, I drank more water, ate another salad, and power-walked 6 miles. When I stepped on the scale the following day, I was 4 lbs lighter. I'd found my magic pill. Every time I weighed myself and saw disappearing pounds, I'd say, see ana is good for you.

Today, I fast for long stretches, but when I do eat, I only eat once a day, and it's a salad.


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cw: 147 144.3 132 131.7 124 122 117 112 110.2 108 107.4 99.1239 Post Recovery230 229.6 228 224.6

hw: 239
lw: 95
gw1: 230
Reached: Apr. 19, 2018
gw2: 220
gw3: 202
gw4: 199
gw5: 195
gw6: 189
gw7: 180
gw8: 175
gw9: 169
gw10: 150
gw11: 145
​gw12: 135
gw13: 130
gw14: 120
gw15: 115
gw16: 98
ugw: 89

height: 5'5"
methods: fasting; extreme calorie restriction, 5 bites, exercise