Contrave & Anorexia do NOT mix

I'm not crying. You are.

I had to break my fast today after winding up in ER last night.

I'd been taking a prescription weight loss medicine called Contrave for the past couple of days, and either the dose was too strong or my stomach being too empty for the drug to have anything to 'absorb' into made me an ill mess.

All day at work yesterday I was extremely weepy. I mean, someone asked me if I wanted a bottle of water and I burst into tears. I had extreme nausea - like, first trimester of pregnancy nausea, a migraine that left me crippled in bed for hours, and severe fatigue. The only thing that had changed in my diet was the addition of Contrave, so I immediately suspected the meds were the cause. I started googling my symptoms and before long I was convinced I had an MAOI overdose and was about to die.

I was so sick that I could barely stand - let alone drive, so I dialed 9-1-1 and requested an ambulance. The EMTs came in what looked like a firetruck with a stretcher inside of it and began basic first aid and then whisked me away to the hospital.

Once I got to ER, I had to explain what happened and why I was there. The doctors and nurses didn't take me too serious. They laughed that "the internet makes [them] lots of money" and told me I was probably fine. Of course I didn't admit that I hadn't eaten in days and was basically running on coffee and sugar. I just wanted to get better. The nurse started an IV drip and gave me medicine for the nausea and headache. When she first asked if I wanted the IV I hesitated because I was so worried they were going to pump me with liquid food. After she assured me it was just medicine for my symptoms (and I reminded myself I wasn't in a recovery clinic and no one there knew about my anorexia), I agreed to the IV. I felt better almost immediately and was soon sleeping like a baby.

Around 2:30 am, the doctor woke me up to check on me once more, give me some homecare instructions and release me to go home. I arrived home around 3:30.

When I got home, I realized a few things:

  1. Contrave and Anorexia do NOT mix. Contrave is an Anorexiant itself so bad idea?
  2. I needed to eat soon... unfortunately. The staff at the hospital kept asking me if I'd eaten, so I knew they suspected at least that could be a cause of my symptoms. I realized to feel completely better (or at least good enough to function), I'd have to break my fast for a day,
  3. I needed to take the day off to sleep, 
  4. I may try keto, and
  5. Vitamins absolutely must be a part of my fast.

On the way to the ER, the EMT asked me about my results with Contrave. I told her I'd lost 14 lbs so far, and she'd shared she'd lost 11 in 2 weeks doing keto. 11 in 2 weeks isn't the same at all as 14 in 5 days, but keto would be a nice diet plan to follow long-term when I'm not fasting. I'm going to have to look it up and see what I'd need to do.

Here's what I had during my break fast:

2 cups Vegetable Lo Mein - 450 cals
6 pieces Salt & Pepper Prawns - 150 cals
1 12oz. can Sprite - 146 cals

Total for the day: 746 cals

Still well below my hard limit of 1,000 cals and ideal max of 800 when I'm not fasting, so I don't feel too bad about this. I can easily burn those 746 cals during one of my dog walks, today making my net calorie intake for the day 0, so I can still expect to lose or maintain my current weight tomorrow when I weigh in. I need to poop of course so there's no dead weight sitting in my tummy, but coffee is great for that. Gonna go have a cup now. ♥


"Only when I lose am I winning."
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